About the QIEVA brand
We don't follow fashion, we create it.
A success story. Anna Masliy
Qieva Wedding Dresses
The founder of the brand
The Qieva brand was founded by Anna Masliy, a designer and author of the spiritual psychology project “Wake up with Anna Masliy".
The history of the brand begins in 2014...
When the top dresses from the silk collection were created: Veronica - in marsala color, then custom-made for the bride - in gold color.

The image of a running girl in a silk dress with an open back, and then the image of the bride in the same dress, but in a golden shade, with a hat and converse - conquered the entire wedding world and became the inspiration for a new wedding fashion.
Brand Philosophy
Sexuality, audacity and a challenge to the old stereotypical ideas of what a bride "should" be.

Boldness and uniqueness replace closeness, heaviness and limitations.

The freedom to combine comfortable shoes and a sexy wedding dress.
Combining dresses with hats, leather jackets.
More than 50 models of dresses have been created
Anna comes up with each dress in meditation, and then turns it into reality together with a designer, a cutter and seamstresses.

The collection includes wedding and evening dresses, silk combinations, pajamas.
Our achievements
We have organized more than 100 creative projects and collaborations.

Our photos and dresses are regularly published in magazines and international publications.

Our dresses traveled with bloggers and photographers to the most beautiful places on Earth.

Brides come to us from all over Russia to get to know the designer personally and touch the creativity.
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