We have created a 6-step system that makes remote sewing and fitting easy and safe.

In 97% of the case of remote sewing, the dress fits perfectly from 1 time. And even if you are in the remaining 3%, a fine fit is easily implemented, according to our instructions, in the studio nearest to you, in 1-2 days.
1. We do not just sell the dress, but accompany you to a happy ending.
You get advice and our support all the way, from ordering a dress to positive feedback from the wedding.
2. We make sure that the dress fits your style.
We don't have a goal to sell the dress anyway. It is important to us that every bride who ordered our dress is satisfied. Every bride is the face of our brand.
3. We do not sew standardly, but according to individual standards.
You get a dress created according to your individual measurements, taking into account the characteristics of your figure. This dress will fit you perfectly the first time.
4. You receive time-tested instructions for taking measurements
The simplicity and clarity of the process ensure that every girl can easily cope with this on her own or with the help of loved ones. Our experienced craftsmen are in touch with you almost 24/7, who will help you take measurements correctly and answer all your questions.
5. The absence of complex elements in the design of the dress.
Our dresses do not have complicated lacing, corsets with rigid inserts, crinolines and all that complicates the fitting of the dress to your size.
6. We value your time and minimize stress.
You will receive the dress in advance before the wedding, so that you have time to contact the atelier for additional fitting along several seams. It takes a maximum of 1-2 days. We are in touch with you in this process. In this case, the dress does not need to be colored.
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